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Paper-thin porcelain that’s utterly irresistible. Inge Vincents’ Copenhagen store is a haven of all-white ceramics

I may not be able to recreate the particular hygge I love in Denmark – try as I might the lighting is too harsh or moody – but with the elegant white skew-whiff column of paper-thin pottery against a slowly fading sky, I have a little corner that is undeniably Copenhagen.“

“As I walk down Jægersborggade, through a window I see a woman hard at work, putting the finishing touches to a delicate white jug. Candles flicker within, and stacks of shiny, ridged or curved porcelain are too inviting to miss. These pieces are wafer thin and look like they might break in an instant, but owner Inge Vincents assures me they are surprisingly robust. The shapes are warm and inviting to touch, with the curves of the cups a satisfying fit for hands. The ceramicist’s work revolves around the endless variations of the “thinware” technique – the normal slab method taken to paper-thin limits – and she has spent years perfecting the craft. I pick up a milk jug (about £37.70), ridged from base to lip, with a stubby cylindrical shape, and spy a rippled tulip vase (about £98.50), crooked and shiny inside. I buy both. Jægersborggade 43, 2200 (+4540-701 750; JEMIMA SISSONS”

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