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HOW TO BUY ⭐️ Please go to my Instagram @keramikeringevincents and comment on the posts of any pieces you’re interested in, and I’ll revert with availability and prices. Worldwide shipping.

Studio Shop

Visit the studio shop:

Jægersborggade 43
2200 Copenhagen N

(+45) 40 70 17 50 (also text)
(+45) 36 96 68 50

Åbningstider i efterårsferien (uge 42):
Mandag 11-16
Tirsdag Lukket
Onsdag 11-16
Torsdag 11-16
Fredag Lukket
Lørdag 11-16

Open hours during Autumn Break (w/c Monday Oct. 26th):
Monday 11am-4pm
Tuesday Closed
Wednesdaiy 11am-4pm
Thursday 11am-4pm
Friday Closed
Saturday 11am-4pm

To spread the word that I’m still alive and making during these crazy times, I had a draw for a large tulip vase over on Facebook. The winner was picked on August 19. The vase has been sent to Australia.



work a bit at the edge of the functional, from thin to hysterically thin in a fine, translucent porcelain clay. That said, everything is meant for use, and my pieces are always based on a well-known, everyday object such as a pot or a vase. The simple and light idiom has a strong Scandinavian reference, yet with a more organic twist. I use techniques such as slab-building or wheel-throwing with a particular focus on texture and on the clay’s inherit formgiving properties.

I have played with clay since I was four years old and have pieced my ceramic education together from numerous classes such as live model sculpture, summer art clay school, pottery at technical college, finishing with an apprenticeship at the studio of Danish ceramist Christian Bruun. In 2007, 2008 and 2009 I received honourable mentions from the biennales in Korea (CEBIKO) and Japan (Mino), and in 2007 I received the Applied Arts Award bronze medal. For the past 15 years I’ve been working full-time specialising in thinware porcelain. In 2009 I established my own studio and shop in Copenhagen open to the public six days a week.

Occassionally, I make special orders for restaurants and the like. I ship world-wide and sometimes find FaceTime a practical way to show you what’s available at a given moment. Please e-mail or call for further information (e-mail formular on this page or call +45 4070 1750).

See gallery for examples.

On Instagram you’ll find the largest selection of images of my work. You’re very welcome to comment on a post if you want to know if something similar is in stock right now. I work in small, 100% handmade series and there is never a large number of a particular piece in stock.

On Facebook you’ll find news and photos of work, third party articles about the studio and events taking place in the studio or cozy Jægersborggade.


A huge thank you to everyone who has written about my work and studio. You have sent a lot of people around.

Below are some of the mentions – with link where available:

The Telegraph

Get the Scandi look: where to shop for Danish design in Copenhagen [...] Ceramicist Inge Vincents has spent years perfecting the art of making “hysterically thin” homewares from ghost-white porcelain – every piece handmade and unique. At her store on…

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Le Monde

The French newspaper Le Monde has trawled through Copenhagen to come up with 20 highlights for your 2020 visit. Humbled to find my studio among those 20. The linked article is for subscribers, but may be worth a coin, if…

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Wallpaper City Guide

“Her delicate white porcelain items - described by Vincents as “thinware” - are arresting for their fine appearance, translucence and unusual organic shapes: origami-esque planters; paper-bag-like pots, and dainty espresso cups... “

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The Guardian

"You can't exploit the Danish art of hygge (roughly translates as "cosy") without a good place to put a candle. The locals opt for delicate, almost opaque candle holders (from around £15), such as the kind handmade by Inge Vincents,…

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Architectural Digest

"Award-winning ceramist, Inge Vincents is perennially working on a new project as you step into her modest store in the funky Nørrebro neighbourhood. Her stunning range of hand-made, thin-ware is a revolutionary style of glassware that belies the idea that…

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Airbnb Magazine

"PERFECT SOUVENIR: BRING THIS VASE BACK. Ceramicist Inge Vincents likes to work, as she puts it, “at the edge of the functional.” From her studio on the happening Jægersborggade, she shapes clay into daily objects — vases, bowls, and candleholders — that are so…

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Dorsia travel guide

“If you’re looking for a thing of beauty that you can (carefully) tuck into your carry-on luggage, head to Jægersborgadde, a small street in the the trendy Nørrerbro district that’s a favorite of the city’s tastemakers and trendsetters. Host to…

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Scandinavia Standard

"The best ceramic brands in Denmark. Located on the charming Jægerborggade in Nørrebro, Keramiker Inge Vincents has cemented itself as one of the most beloved shops on the street. Just try to pass their large storefront window without popping your…

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Lonely Planet

"Ceramicist Inge Vincents is worth a visit for her highly individualistic paper-thin ceramics, adorned with interesting folds, creases or grooves. From the vases and bowls, to the cups and tea-light holders, each piece is shaped by hand, meaning that no…

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Pots in Action

"From Denmark for #PIAtranslucent comes Inge Vincents who makes what she calls “thinware”. Tea lights made of paper thin slabs of porcelain, rolled out on plaster slabs and high fired to cone 9/10. The experience of using one of her…

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VG Reise

"Her er de beste butikkene. Skal du dra hjem fra København med en særegen suvenir, er keramiker Inge Vincents stedet å dra. Hun lager de mest delikate, tidløse vaser, kopper og annet tilbehør. Alt i hvit, tynn keramikk – enten…

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Le Monde

Le Magazine du Monde

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Financial Times

”Paper-thin porcelain that’s utterly irresistible. Inge Vincents’ Copenhagen store is a haven of all-white ceramics. I may not be able to recreate the particular hygge I love in Denmark – try as I might the lighting is too harsh or…

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"One Perfect Thing: Inge Vincents’s Porcelain Ceramics The Danish artist’s ghost white, paper-thin creations stun in their bare-bone simplicity. Focusing more on the texture and shape of her pieces, Vincents relishes in simple, bare forms. She says she likes to…

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Oak the Nordic Journal

"At Keramiker Inge Vincents the fluent elegance of Danish minimalism is harnessed and handmade, and this is why one of her unique vases is a far more emblematic Copenhagen souvenir than any Nyhavn tea towel or bicycle keychain. Luckily, Vincents…

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Condé Naste Traveller

"Contemporary ceramics Inge Vincent both produces and sells her signature translucent, paper-bag-like porcelain vases and wheel-thrown twisted latte cups at this workshop/store on Jægersborggade. Functional yet fragile, her all-white pieces in varying states of completion fill the wooden shelves, inviting…

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Ceramics Monthly

"I spend at least 40 hours a week in my studio and I have prioritized making it a space in which I feel comfortable, both in terms of work-process layout and aesthetics. Some of the furniture, such as my work…

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Visit Copenhagen

“Inge Vincents works with beautiful porcelain mass with a high translucency, which is being processed with her bare hands. At Keramiker Inge Vincents, you can buy everything from bowls, cups and vases. Everything is shaped by hand and not two are exactly…

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Lost In… Copenhagen

“A Danish ceramicist’s delicate touch makes for the perfect souvenir. Inge Vincents’ shop is quintessentially Scandi—light, airy, minimalistic. And yet, it’s nothing if not warm and inviting. Vincents’ handmade creations line the walls of this little hideaway off busy Jaegersborggade…

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Goop City Guide

“What makes Inge's pieces special is the paper-thin porcelain she uses, which gives each cup, vase, or bowl a delicate, translucent aesthetic, particularly in the light. She only works in white, which is all the better to let her unique…

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New York Times

“The ceramist Inge Vincents works exclusively in white porcelain, but there is nothing boring about the monochromatic designs on display in the showroom attached to her studio. Hand-thrown vases mimic the appearance of slouchy bags, while square tea-light candleholders are…

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Petit Futé

“De l'extérieur, on est tout d'abord happé par la lumière qui s'échappe du lieu. En y regardant de plus près, on ne voit rien d'autre que du blanc. Vases, verres, pots... Chaque pièce est unique, et pourtant on aurait tendance…

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Urban Potters

I'm honoured to be featured in this book by Katie Treggiden, published September 2017. She visits ceramists in six major cities around the world: New York, Sao Paolo, Tokyo, London, Sydney and Copenhagen.  The book is available amongst other places…

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