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A Danish ceramicist’s delicate touch makes for the perfect souvenir

“Inge Vincents’ shop is quintessentially Scandi—light, airy, minimalistic. And yet, it’s nothing if not warm and inviting. Vincents’ handmade creations line the walls of this little hideaway off busy Jaegersborggade as testaments to her delicate touch. From paper-thin vases and bowls to teacups and plates in the finest, translucent white, it’s a home decor buff’s dream. But the ceramicist is keen on making clear that her creations aren’t merely for special occasions. Rather, they’re beautiful objects for everyday use. And what better way to inject a bit of luxury into the quotidian than by way of a delicate, handmade souvenir?”

Lost In… Copenhagen

(Article no longer available online)

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