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In Copenhagen, Shops With Studios Attached

“The ceramist Inge Vincents works exclusively in white porcelain, but there is nothing boring about the monochromatic designs on display in the showroom attached to her studio. Hand-thrown vases mimic the appearance of slouchy bags, while square tea-light candleholders are made of porcelain so paper-thin it is translucent.”

Contemporary ceramics

Condé Nast Traveller
“Inge Vincent both produces and sells her signature translucent, paper-bag-like porcelain vases and wheel-thrown twisted latte cups at this workshop/store on Jægersborggade. Functional yet fragile, her all-white pieces in varying states of completion fill the wooden shelves, inviting delicate inspection and a feeling that you should hold your breath until you’re back out on the street. (Tip: Inge’s packaging is great and I’ve never had a problem bringing things back in cabin baggage).”

Paper-thin porcelain that’s utterly irresistible. Inge Vincents’ Copenhagen store is a haven of all-white ceramics

I may not be able to recreate the particular hygge I love in Denmark – try as I might the lighting is too harsh or moody – but with the elegant white skew-whiff column of paper-thin pottery against a slowly fading sky, I have a little corner that is undeniably Copenhagen.“

“As I walk down Jægersborggade, through a window I see a woman hard at work, putting the finishing touches to a delicate white jug. Candles flicker within, and stacks of shiny, ridged or curved porcelain are too inviting to miss. These pieces are wafer thin and look like they might break in an instant, but owner Inge Vincents assures me they are surprisingly robust. The shapes are warm and inviting to touch, with the curves of the cups a satisfying fit for hands. The ceramicist’s work revolves around the endless variations of the “thinware” technique – the normal slab method taken to paper-thin limits – and she has spent years perfecting the craft. I pick up a milk jug (about £37.70), ridged from base to lip, with a stubby cylindrical shape, and spy a rippled tulip vase (about £98.50), crooked and shiny inside. I buy both. Jægersborggade 43, 2200 (+4540-701 750; JEMIMA SISSONS”

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“Located on the charming Jægerborggade in Nørrebro, Keramiker Inge Vincents has cemented itself as one of the most beloved shops on the street. Just try to pass their large storefront window without popping your head in! Their speciality is super-thin porcelain ceramics, including vases, cups, and votives. These aren’t exactly items you want around your toddler – they’re very delicate – but they’re beautiful and expertly-made. They are only available in-store.”

Why we love it…

“What makes Inge’s pieces special is the paper-thin porcelain she uses, which gives each cup, vase, or bowl a delicate, translucent aesthetic, particularly in the light. She only works in white, which is all the better to let her unique shapes come through. She’s usually working in her studio, so take advantage of the opportunity to chat with her about her work when you stop in.”

Goop City Guide

Nørrebro & Østerbro

“Ceramicist Inge Vincents is worth a visit for her highly individualistic paper-thin ceramics, adorned with interesting folds, creases or grooves. From the vases and bowls, to the cups and tea-light holders, each piece is shaped by hand, meaning that no two pieces are ever the same.”

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“Ceramicist Inge Vincents has spent years perfecting the art of making “hysterically thin” homewares from ghost-white porcelain – every piece handmade and unique. At her store on cobbled Jægersborggade in multicultural Nørrebro you’ll find delicately fluted vases and mugs that resemble folded paper, tealight holders translucent as a horn lantern, but all designed for daily use.”

The Telegraph


Copenhagen Offers Ceramics That Are as Appealing as Its Cuisine

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Architectural Digest India:
“Award-winning ceramist, Inge Vincents is perennially working on a new project as you step into her modest store in the funky Nørrebro neighbourhood. Her stunning range of hand-made, thin-ware is a revolutionary style of glassware that belies the idea that porcelain is weighty and tedious to handle. Inge’s lightweight, translucent vases, bowls, cups are paper-thin and hand-crafted so no piece is the same. Hand-thrown vases mimic the appearance of slouchy bags; while square tea-lights glow in this all-white paradise where your wallet will run away from you if you are not careful. Luckily she ships worldwide!”

Copenhagen Design Guide

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