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Pots in Action

“From Denmark for #PIAtranslucent comes Inge Vincents who makes what she calls “thinware”. Tea lights made of paper thin slabs of porcelain, rolled out on plaster slabs and high fired to cone 9/10. The experience of using one of her pots, of being able to see right through the cup when holding it even on a cloudy day without direct sunlight, is incredible. She has a shop in Copenhagen and also sells worldwide through her website. After working with earthenware and stoneware as a young person, she discovered porcelain. She writes, “Then there was porcelain… So soft, clean, strong and difficult. And translucent. You can shape an object and mere daylight will shine straight through it adding another dimension of light and lightness. I currently work only in white and am often asked if I don’t like colours. I love colours, and maybe it is the influence of Danish aesthetics that dictate that we must not go over the top, simplicity is a key word, but I believe that we cannot really appreciate more than about three effects at once, mine being shape, structure and translucence.”

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